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Callaway X Spann

The X Spann Golf Glove comes in a lightweight design with soft feel and full control.
Pull tab-less design. 3D Performance Mesh: New compression system provides perfect fit. Moisture wicking and breathable. Lightweight and flexible. Full Palm Cabretta Leather: Thin and soft Cabretta leather delivers seamless feel. Chev Tension Sensors: Silicon Chevrons on microfiber suede provide additional grip and club control.

Normal Production Time
10 Working Days

Additional Information
Product color: White/Black.

Only available as stock product.

Stock product is not returnable.

Available sizes: Sizes: Men's Regular Left Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL; Men's Regular Right Hand - Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL; Men's Cadet Left Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL; Ladies Regular Left Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large; Ladies Regular Right Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large.

Note: When ordering please keep in mind that you will want to order a left handed glove for a right handed player and vise versa.

Item Numbers: Men's Regular Left Small (5319058), Men's Regular Left Medium (5319059), Men's Regular Left Medium/Large (5319060), Men's Regular Left Large (5319061), Men's Regular Left XL (5319062), Men's Regular Right Medium (5319063), Men's Regular Right Medium/Large (5319064), Men's Regular Right Large (5319065), Men's Regular Right XL (5319066).

Men's Cadet Left Small (5319075), Men's Cadet Left Medium (5319076), Men's Cadet Left Medium/Large (5319077), Men's Cadet Left Large (5319078), Men's Cadet Left XL (5319079).

Ladies Regular Left Hand Small (5319067), Ladies Regular Left Hand Medium (5319067), Ladies Regular Left Hand Medium/Large (5319069), Ladies Regular Left Hand Large (5319070), Ladies Regular Right Hand Small (5319071), Ladies Regular Right Hand Medium (5319072), Ladies Regular Right Hand Medium/Large (5319073), Ladies Regular Right Hand Large (5319074), .